Everyday life NZ

…and where are you from?

Time flies and it’s more than three months since we came here. All the hassle is long gone and I dare to say that nearly everything is sorted. After all these exciting months I’m actually enjoying everyday life.
Small talk. We all know that. Blah blah about weather, recent events, local matters etc. As I mentioned before, kiwis in general are friendly and kind, ready to help with nearly anything anytime. Saying ‘Hi’ to strangers is everyday routine. Saying ‘Hi’ and having little chat is nice. It doesn’t matter if you have never seen that person in your life before and there’s a chance you will never see that person again, but there’s always something to talk about. Weather is universal topic regardless place, age, nation. I like this little ritual. Especially one moment which happens nearly every time. It wasn’t my favorite part of the conversation, but now I’m enjoying it.
As is quite clear, mostly I talk to locals. I have to talk English as no one here speaks my native language. English was my first foreign language I learned. Unlike other foreign languages I have learned or had a chance to encounter, somehow I found English the easiest. My partner doesn’t speak my native language (except few words, which doesn’t seem to be enough not even for everyday conversations), so I have to speak English no matter if I want to or not. I have to admit that I speak my native language when I’m upset. It’s probably too easy for him then to find out how I feel. Who cares, anyway, let’s get back to small talk.
I need to mention one more thing. I never learned ‘local accent’ of any english speaking country I’ve been to. You can do that, I just don’t see any reason for that. I don’t think it’s something to be ashamed of or that’s something you need to hide. It’s part of me and nothing I would like to change. Ever.
Therefore naturally comes my favorite moment. That question. And where are you from? No one ever guessed it right so far. Instead they have suggestions that quite often surprise me. One lady thought that I come from France. I was delighted. Do I have a charm and elegance of French women? Ohhh, what a nice thing to hear. So she started speak French. I mean she start to use few phrases I actually knew as well. It took me a while to stop her and tell her that I’m not French.
After all these years speaking English I was supposed to come from nearly every country in Europe. Except english speaking ones. Of course. Often I thought about playing a game. Just tell them that I come from somewhere else. But it always remained a thought only. Somehow I can’t do that. There’s something not letting me to lie. Like if it would be something I should never lie about. And it’s working well. I tried few times but when it get to that point I always told truth. I’m a good girl probably. At least at this.