How to put your baby to sleep

Please note: This content is NOT related to New Zealand. This content is pretty much INTERNATIONAL.

I thought I’ve done most of the things I wanted to do and been to most of the places I wanted to see. That was about few years ago. Of course I knew there’s still so much to do and discover but inside I was contented with my life and didn’t have that urge to plan what I want to do or where I want to go next week/month/year. Then I got pregnant and nine months after our bundle of joy arrived. In one moment the world turned upside down and I experienced feelings I never felt before. (You’re probably thinking that I must be still under influence of those maternal hormones.) Not at all (that’s what I’m thinking). Being parent is simply amazing. It’s one of those things you cannot describe or explain, you must experience it yourself. As a parent you also need to put your baby to sleep at certain time of the day. Sometimes it’s easy and fun, sometimes you may fell asleep sooner than the baby (proven by myself). I decided I won’t be mean and I’ll share my own experience.

At this stage it didn’t seem to be difficult to put baby to sleep, as sleeping was one of the essential things baby needed. And as I learned, babies know quite well what they need themselves. But I also learned, from other mothers, that some babies are not so much into sleeping (not our case). When little one was uncomfortable, I put him into baby wrap and magic happened within minutes, maybe even seconds. Every baby’s different though, so everyone have to find his own way (I’m sure this is the best advice you ever read when it comes to putting your baby to sleep).

Babies grow and become more active fast. More activity naturally means less sleep. Less sleep, more fun. Still the baby usually takes a nap during the day. Not too big deal yet. Cuddles and hugs were the best.

1-2 years
This is where real fun started I would say. When you’re gifted with the baby that doesn’t wake up before 8 am, you know you are the lucky one. You might change your opinion when it comes to bedtime. Some babies instead getting tired in the evening, just seem to wake up again and are ready for another day (trouble is there’s another night ahead). I tried music. It worked. Thank you, Bryan Adams and please forgive me, I can’t stop loving you, especially when the night comes…

2 years and more
This is where I knew I lost it. All my efforts were gone. To the certain time there was something called ‘afternoon nap’. Basically it means that baby has a little nap in the afternoon to re energize itself for the rest of the day. One day it happened. I asked ‘Would you like to have a nap?’ and the answer was ‘No.’. Babyhood is over, adulthood is here. Now it depends if your child belongs to that group that gets tired with more activity or to the other one where more activity somehow produce more energy to more activities. In the second case, just give up. Child will go to sleep when it decides to, there’s nothing you can do. Remember, child is now independent unit, in every way you can imagine. And also remember how beautiful it is, when you read a story and child falls asleep in your arms…hardly anything can beat that feeling.