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On the road again – Part 1

Do you wish sometimes to turn back time and experience something from the past again like you did for the first time? I did it. These days I feel like I’m 18 years old again. I didn’t have first beer again. I didn’t lost my virginity again. I didn’t went for the first big overseas trip again. I’m just…driving a car. Again.

It’s such an easy thing to do. Get your driving licence as soon as you legally can. Once you have it, don’t drive a car. Either move to the big city where you can easily get around without having a car, ride a bike, walk or simply find any other good reason why not to drive a car. Stick to these rules for many years. Then move to the country where inability to drive a car is like trying to leave desert island without being able to swim or having a boat.

Before arriving to NZ I had my international driving licence sorted. So I came not only with driving permit but also with strong commitment to learn to drive again. First few months I had all the time in the world (meaning: international driving licence is valid for 12 months since arrival). The clock started ticking eventually, I sent my fear on a holiday and after very long time I didn’t sit in the passengers seat but behind the steering wheel. What a good reason to finally use my new glasses!

Good thing before you start to learn to drive is to have a supportive partner. Motivation is important (thanks God, I finally won’t have to drive her to supermarket every time). It’s also useful to follow my advice mentioned at the beginning. You may learn to drive on the right side of the road, but after all those years you’re likely to forget everything, so even if you’ll learn to drive again on the opposite side of the road, you won’t have any problems with that. Driving on the left side of the road will become natural in an instant.

First car I was driving here was ‘UT’ – Utility Vehicle. It’s slightly bigger than average car. Now I’m driving car which is similar size to it. So find me inside according to my dimensions might take you a while. When I got my first driving licence, I was driving car with manual transmission. Now I’m driving car with an automatic transmission. How to compare it? Were you used to wash dishes in the sink and then discovered dishwasher? Something like that from my point of view. You won’t like to go back. Ever.

Next step is to get local driving licence. Coming fairly soon. Depending on how much fun it will be, I might mention it here as well. There’s lot of things I still have to learn, but I reached my target – I’m driving car on my own (even with kids in the car). Watch out. I’m out there somewhere. If you’re waiting in a queue because someone is letting people to cross the road, I might be sitting in the first car in that queue. I didn’t reset my mind from pedestrian’s to driver’s yet.