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On the road again – Part 2

What happened since June…I have proper NZ driving licence now. The whole process wasn’t too exciting. The only thing worth mentioning is probably that I failed theory test for the first time – when I went to AA to get paperwork done, someone didn’t arrive for his test and they gave me chance to have a go. I had 31 questions right out of 35, you need 32 to pass (next time score was 35 out of 35). Lesson learned – study before you take your exam. Practical part done successfully for the first time. Interested facts – I was the smallest person with the biggest car there at that time and I was driving around town where I have never driven before.

Basically I’m still a newbie driver, I still have lot to learn. As driving nearly every day now, I noticed few things. Some drivers don’t indicate. I would say there’s two groups of drivers – one of them don’t indicate because they think there’s no one else on the road at the same time and the others just don’t indicate at all. For example – giving way at intersection, waiting for car to pass, as soon as other driver notices you, he starts to indicate, which means he starts indicating while already turning. Today morning I’ve experienced even better situation – car in the opposite direction intending to turn right to the small car park. The driver didn’t indicate, he simply pulled into my lane so I could check that brakes are still working. Indicating late or not indicating, both makes me swear in the car (and I swear I do not want to swear in the car). I know that I’m supposed to foresee actions of other users of the road, but I don’t know how should I read their minds. Please, INDICATE, in most cases you’re not alone on the road. Indicating is COOL and will never come out of fashion. I promise.

Then there are tailgaters. 80 kilometres per hour zone, you’re going 80, but that car behind you need to go faster and you’re slowing it down. Ooops, no safe place to pass. Solution? Drive closely behind you, meaning right behind you. Check your mirrors, there he is, tailgater. Or in other words, speeding. I’m not talking about highways. I mean communications in town or country roads. Speed limit is there usually for a reason. Good reason… Safety first, is that right?

I’m not a perfect driver (even though my parking is now worlds away compare to what it was few months ago) and I would be good target for jokes ‘women behind the steering wheel’, but I’m driving aware I’m not there alone and I want to make it home safe. How about slowing down a bit and those who don’t indicate…start indicating? You don’t have to do it for yourself, do it for others. They’ll appreciate it.