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Trouble in a bubble…?

Summer passed, Autumn came, Easter passed, and we’re living in bubbles now. So many things happened since beginning of this year, that when looking back it’s hard to believe we’re actually living in this.

News were coming in since January and the situation was rapidly getting worse all around the world. It might give one fake feeling of safety living pretty much at the end of the world. It’s a nice end of the world, no doubt about it. But if you want to explore rest of the world, you have to travel. And Kiwis travel a lot, if they can. And when the situation escalated, lot of Kiwis were coming back home from their journeys. I’ve been thinking how different it all would be if people that were coming to the country would be quarantined once at the airport instead let them travel back home and then putting them in self-isolation. So or so, I can think about it, but I’m not the one who makes decisions and thinking about it is not going to change anything. Situation is changing quickly and we have to simply adjust to it in the best way we can.

Right now New Zealand is in lockdown. Like most of other countries. I’m not only observing situation here, but also on the other side where is the rest of my family. One thing I know for sure is, that we’re not flying anywhere this year. It’s the smallest thing, completely unimportant in the light of current events.

Beginning of lockdown was full of questions. What’s occuring, what we can and cannot do, what does it all mean? After first few days one realizes that life is going on, not as usual, with lots of new rules and conditions, but it didn’t stop.

I like to keep things quite tidy. Never ever before had I better chance to sort out most of the things in the house than now. No more excuses why I cannot clean windows, why things in this cupboard could be there for another year, why I cannot get garden ready for winter. Ok, I didn’t clean all windows yet, but most of them and garden is still calling for me. Keeping yourself busy is a great thing, as it doesn’t give you too many options to occupy your mind with other thoughts, you can see results of your work around you and last but not least it helps to make one feel that time is passing by faster.

Another thing is social isolation. Not easy, even though we have every possible means of communication in electronic way. Despite the conditions, it’s important to be in touch, stay positive and keep in mind that this is not going to last forever. We don’t know for how long, but we know enough to be certain that this can’t go on forever.

When it all started, I was asking myself how to keep kids entertained. In the last three weeks I have discovered so many things to do with them, in the house or outside. Some of them I would probably hardly ever come across.

I’m learning how to be grateful for what I have, how to enjoy every moment I’m in, how to be content with myself. One of the biggest lessons in my life so far. I’m trying to take this as opportunity. Opportunity to be better person than I was before. Opportunity to see what’s really important. Opportunity to be there for those who need me. Opportunity to learn from the past – because life after this won’t be the same.